Welcome to ANYVAN's affiliate programme - A great way to increase your revenue

Our program is free to join; it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. It's just a simple way of increasing revenue by sending potential customers to our website and receiving a commission payment.

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Website Affiliates

We are now actively seeking websites to share in the growth of ANYVAN.com. Simply place an ANYVAN banner(s) on your website and earn commissions from any sales resulting in a click through from the banner. We can even issue you with a hyperlink if a banner is inappropriate for your website.

If you have a website or a shop with customers that need to send goods around the UK and Europe in return for commissions based on clicks that turn into sales then please join our growing scheme today.

How Does Our Scheme Work

There are no fees for joining. All you need to do, is register by completing the contact details and payment form.

Once you have joined the ANYVAN affiliate scheme, you will be able to download a range of banners to place on your website. Linked to these banners is a special tracking code which is unique to your account. This code tracks any leads from your website and records any sales resulting from these leads. We pay a varying commission on all sales resulting in leads from your website. It's simple - You will then be paid your commission monthly into your account via paypal, bank transfer or cheque depending upon preference

Be a Part of Our Scheme

The number of ANYVAN affiliates is growing rapidly among furniture shops, eBay shops and small businesses especially. It's a great way to earn an extra income from sending customers from your business to ours. In turn, if your customers can save on delivery costs, they'll probably spend more with you anyway.

ANYVAN commission fees

  • 50p per listing
  • +
  • 25% commission on sales

For any further information please email us at info@anyvan.com

If you would class yourself as a PowerAffiliate and would like to discuss your own bespoke affiliate commission programme please contact us.

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